Last update: September 25, 2017
The Reformation Heritage
Reading and rereading the Reformation 500 years since its inception
International Project of Historical and Religious Research

The joint initiative of the Study Centre for Ecumenism in Italy (Centro Studi per l'Ecumenismo in Italia), and the Graduate Program in Science of Religion at the Catholic University of Pernambuco, the International Project of Historical and Religious Research is being proposed. The project has the objective to produce knowledge and to organize two conferences, in our two countries, with the involvement of universities and researchers of different religious traditions, inspired by the ecumenical spirit, wish to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with the publication of a collection of e-books and a series of meetings, which are born from the question: “At 500 years since its inception, in the context of the XVI century, which is the heritage of the Reformation today in our globalized world, in which new ethical and socio-political and religious challenges imperatives compel us to a collaboration, a mutual recognition, enhancement of dialogue and renunciation of hegemony projects in the field of religion?”

Professor Riccardo Burigana


(translation Camila da Costa)


Coleção de E-Books
Herança da Reforma / ​
Eredità della Riforma
Colloquio internazionale
Rileggere la Riforma
Firenze, 20-22 febbraio 2017
Congresso internacional
Atualidade da Reforma
Recife, 8-10 de novembro de 2017
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